Friday, 24 February 2017

Archive of deleted, completed posts

When issues are effectively completed, the related post will be deleted and pasted as a comment to this post - thus retaining a record of what happened.
If there is a follow up or residual issue, a new post will be created for that.


  1. Door entry system fault 17 Feb 2017
    A "permanent open" condition occurred. Believed to be from a stuck handset button as previously.
    Trinity disabled the system for all the flat handsets, leaving only fob and push-button access. This has now been over-ridden because of the need for carers to have access.
    Stanley have an order to find and fix the fault - but didn't bother to turn up.
    After much further shenannigans, Stanley came Tuesday 21st and ignored the fault and left the system as it was on Friday 17th - with residents unable to open the doors using the intercom button. The residents' association has remedied that, as it was over the weekend.
    22nd Feb 2017, Stanley turned up and put the system back to locked - their instructions were that the flats couldn't open the door (no mention of the permanent 'open' signal from one flat that was the actual cause of the problem. Strong representation to fix the system and explaining the actual need to track the faulty flat connection enabled the to eventually fix the fault.

  2. The two damaged front entrance door windows finally replaced by local firm - so hopefully at reasonable cost.

  3. ArlingtonResident13 March 2017 at 19:34

    Ozzas Starting the wiring installation for the new door-entry system 2nd Feb 2017

    Stanley are still billing the old contract charges (some £12000 per year) but have said the excess (over the £4200 for the new contract) will be refunded once the system is completed.
    14 Feb 2017 Paul Sulsh stated that a credit note for the higher charge had been received and would be forwarded. Installation with user signs would be completed by end March 2017 - system operational 13/3/2017

  4. ArlingtonResident15 March 2017 at 14:46

    This request for maintenance - has been a farce from start to end. From no ladders, to contractors not working at height, to orders being made and action being promised and yet still nothing has been resolved. On the North side of the Ground floor entrance, there is graffiti all over the marble cladding.

    August 2016 Graffiti on entrance to Arlington House reported.
    8.8.16: Stephen Fisher: “As you may be aware there is an on-site buildings manager Mr Paul Joy , to whom such matters should be reported directly.
    I have copied in Mr Joy to make him aware of the matter.”
    9.9.16: Paul Sulsh: “The graffiti was removed by the Council but the workers were not allowed to go any higher so they left it. A removal solution has been ordered for the caretaker.”
    23.12.16 Paul Sulsh: “After trying to remove the graffiti, it looks like a replacement marble slab will be required. This is being looked into.”
    27.2.17 Amanda Morris: Thanks for your email, the contractors attended last week to remove the graffiti but they have been unable too so they will be returning this week at some point with stronger chemicals to remove it.
    4.3.17: 6 months on since first reported: Graffiti has not been removed.
    Update 15/03/2017 - Graffiti removed by Ottimo (using chemical cleaner)