Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Daily log of Cleaner/Caretaker tasks

A long time ago, we were promised by both Trinity and Ottimo, a daily timed log of what the caretaker/cleaner did every day so that Trinity could prove to us that only 10% of his time was spent on commercial activities (ie other than our residential block) - and we could get evidence of how little time is spent cleaning.
How many years do we have to wait for this simple activity to be implemented?
After discussions with Ottimo, a revised duty list is being devised (by Ottimo, with association input). A cleaning schedule will give what areas are to be cleaned when - so we'll be able to lift door-mats and store bikes away to make it easier and more effective. The schedule is now being trialled and will be published on the notice boards when refined and confirmed.

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  1. The latest cleaning rota is now working. Please note that some variation might occur if other things crop up. please report any problems to the association or raise directly with Paul Joy