Friday, 3 February 2017

Lift floors

Having stopped Trinity from spending thousands to replace the floor coverings in the lifts, we now need to have the floors properly and thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. It's sometimes better than it was but the edges particularly need more attention. Apparently United lifts services (who would have been paid to replace the flooring) said that chemicals shouldn't be used as they'd damage the surface - surely a cleaner knows better than a lift company how to clean properly and to use the right methods.
14 Feb 2017 Trinity/Ottimo claimed that cleaning the floor would risk damage to the cables supposedly beneath the floor.

One of the photos taken 20th Feb 2017 to record the state of the floor.


  1. Please be advised that the floor installed would have been fitted by a company called storvite who at the time was the only company in the uk to lay this type of flooring in the UK.
    Having managed 100s of new installations over the years and knowing Richard the owner very well who has since passed and the company is much bigger, the advise given at the time was to advise not using chemicals to clean the floor such as bleach etc, this is due to the loss of colour more than anything.
    It was advised to all owners with this type of floor to be steam cleaned, under the front of this track as shown in the picture is where the main half way box with all of the lift car wiring connected to the main control hub.
    This box is severely rusted and the 55 year old cables are brittle, hense why we have water or chemicals.
    its not about knowing more than a cleaner, its about common sense and how to procure the old equipment you have on site.

    United lift services

    1. Except ...
      That's not quite what the Storvite website says: