Thursday, 16 February 2017

Parking by "Club World" customers

The council and Trinity agreed that a limited number of Club World customers could park in the Arlington car park. There is no evidence of risk assessments having been carried out.
Initially, places were marked on the first-floor level but the fencing then blocked that off and "permission" was given to park in the residents' level.
A major safety issue is that families with push-chairs and free-running toddlers have to use the vehicle ramp - which is already a safety risk because of two way traffic and limited visibility.
Trinity have said that Club World no longer have permission to park on-site (despite a recent promise by Paul Sulsh to provide ground-floor parking access),

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  1. Now superceded by the opening of the public car park. A meeting between the association and Dreamland is imminent to resolve some safety and organisational issues.