Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Friday, 24 February 2017

Archive of deleted, completed posts

When issues are effectively completed, the related post will be deleted and pasted as a comment to this post - thus retaining a record of what happened.
If there is a follow up or residual issue, a new post will be created for that.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Daily log of Cleaner/Caretaker tasks

A long time ago, we were promised by both Trinity and Ottimo, a daily timed log of what the caretaker/cleaner did every day so that Trinity could prove to us that only 10% of his time was spent on commercial activities (ie other than our residential block) - and we could get evidence of how little time is spent cleaning.
How many years do we have to wait for this simple activity to be implemented?
After discussions with Ottimo, a revised duty list is being devised (by Ottimo, with association input). A cleaning schedule will give what areas are to be cleaned when - so we'll be able to lift door-mats and store bikes away to make it easier and more effective. The schedule is now being trialled and will be published on the notice boards when refined and confirmed.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Bike and buggy storage

There's a need for secure on-site storage for bikes and mobility scooters.
The 'Tesco' plan included such provision.
One of the commercial units was provided a few years back but all the bikes were stolen from it - despite being locked in a locked compound.
Some time ago Trinity said a bike rack would be looked into.
Time for progress?

Friday, 17 February 2017

Window Coverings

It had been suggested that 'coloured' window film might be applied to flat windows to "give the building some colour and to enhance its appearance" - at service charge expense.
Trinity would consult if this should be progressed.
Current executive committee view is that this is not wanted but consultation will be made to members and residents.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Flat door frames

Some door frames are not adequately fixed and movement breaks the plastering around the frames.
The door closers ought to control the rate of closing and prevent slamming - some closers have apparently been removed.
Trinity agreed on 14 Feb 2017 to initiate a program to remedy all affected door frames.

Chute room shutters

The shutters to the chute rooms are said in the annual safety report to be ineffective through lack of maintenance and painting of the fusible links.
Trinity report that these shutters are not longer required - in which case it should be explicit.
However, the doors should have intumescent seals to retain fire integrity.

Water damage on 15th floor

The cleaner suspects that this is a result of a leak from 16C but access to investigate has not yet been achieved.

The corridor doors a smoke hazard

The corridor doors seem to have excessive gaps. Trinity agreed 14 Feb 2017 to inspect and remedy.
Some doors (including stairwell doors) do not close properly - adding to the risk.

Lights out, damaged and smoke-damaged

There are numerous lights not working properly. Trinity have been asked to do a building walk once or twice weekly with a written report of all defects.
Following the Trinity/Freshwater site visit 14 Feb 2017, Trinity made a note of defects at that date and the residents' association will file their own report.

Smoking in common areas

This is illegal.
Butts, aluminium foil etc is evidence of it and it's a responsibility of the management company to put an end to it and a responsibility of residents not to.

Entrance door window broken

Apparently, neither of the two security cameras covered the critical area.
Window needs replacing. -now done
Cameras need re-aligning

Front entrance door

The door doesn't close properly

Parking by "Club World" customers

The council and Trinity agreed that a limited number of Club World customers could park in the Arlington car park. There is no evidence of risk assessments having been carried out.
Initially, places were marked on the first-floor level but the fencing then blocked that off and "permission" was given to park in the residents' level.
A major safety issue is that families with push-chairs and free-running toddlers have to use the vehicle ramp - which is already a safety risk because of two way traffic and limited visibility.
Trinity have said that Club World no longer have permission to park on-site (despite a recent promise by Paul Sulsh to provide ground-floor parking access),

internal cameras

Footage from all the internal cameras is to be examined to see if coverage is both optimised and adequate. Apparently, the entrance camera couldn't be used to identify the miscreant who broke the entrance door window. It is thought that the relevant camera could be re-directed to improve coverage.