Friday, 29 June 2018

Door Entry system

Please submit comments on this post to report issues with the door-entry system or on progress in repair.
If you want to change the telephone numbers it calls for your flat, email the Trinity property manager peter.o' or otherwise contact them as on their notice

Lift Faults

Please submit comments on this post to report issues with the lifts (noting if it's lift-1, lift-2 or both) or on progress in repair.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

How to use

This blog is for residents and leaseholders of flats in Arlington House, Margate to report faults and other issues to the residents association. It enables others to see what has already been noted and to see progress in resolving matters.

The association will take matters up with Trinity, the managing agents.

Each post will address one issue and renters and leaseholders are invited to add comments to provide further detail. Comments will be checked before they appear.

Once in operation, automatic emails to the property coordinator and property manager will be sent by the system (in the event of lack of progress, higher levels of Trinity managers can be added).

If you click to see comments on a post, get back to the list of posts by clicking on the link in the header image.